Why does the Tyrannosaurus Rex have tiny arms?

We came upon this question a while ago when my brother brought up the fact that Google shows an image of a T-Rex whenever the page crashes.

I started joking around, saying:

                T-Rex: Dentist, my mouth is filled with cavities!

                Dentist: Why? Don’t you brush your teeth?

                T-Rex: I try, Doctor. I try! I just can’t!

That was a lot funnier when I said it in person.

Anyway, we were having a few laughs over it. My brother started doing this weird T-Rex impersonation, while we laughed about the shortness of the T-Rex’s arms.

Then, it came to the question:

Why do they have tiny arms?

Poor T-Rex


The T-Rex is a formidably terrifying creature. It’s one of the largest and scariest predators in the Jurassic age. So why the fuck does it have tiny arms? Did evolution play a joke on the T-Rex when it decided the T-Rex is probably going to go extinct with the other dinosaurs anyway? Almost every part of a living creature has its distinct functionality. I cannot see how tiny arms could be functional or practical for a T-Rex.

This is just sad

My brother just laughed it off and said,

“The scientists and archaeologists are laughing at us. They probably just decided it would be funny to attach tiny arms to the great and powerful T-Rex…and the rest of the world bought the joke. It then expanded and the scientists & archaeologists couldn’t take it all back to say ‘we were just kidding!’”

We would never really know.

After all, neither one of us have ever actually lived through the Jurassic era to confirm.

Oh, the injustice!

I just feel sorry for the poor T-Rex.

We need to empower the T-Rex…even if they’re all extinct! Go T-Rex!


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