Muling Pagsibol

Introducing: Comfortable Confusion Productions!

Comfortable Confusion

By Sheree Tampus

It all started with a Facebok message:

Guys, let’s make a film and join this film-making competition! 🙂

Groggy from hangover and lack of sleep, the message glared at me like sunlight hitting the eyes. The LCD screen on my phone was too bright. I could have adjusted the display settings last night, but I couldn’t be bothered by it. The mere idea of making a film again was way too exciting. The words on the screen were like a burst of caffeine and any desire for sleep went out the window.

I was about to type in —

Sige! Excited na kaayo ko! 

(Sure! I’m so excited!)

But before I could press SEND, my inbox is flooded with stickers and messages expressing tacit approval.

My friends and I are a weird group of people. We all have this innate desire to learn about a lot of things, so we…

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