Non, je ne regrette rien

I know, I know. I’ve done a lot of stupid things in my life. But I try my best not to regret any of them. Even if I do feel bad about doing something stupid, I always try to do something about it. Because the more I try to drive away that awkward feeling of regret, the more the need to do something about it gnaws at my chest and I can’t sleep.

Sometimes, I annoy myself for being so impulsive. I’d often think about something that might be interesting to do, and before I know it – BAM! I’ve already done it! I guess it goes with my personality. I really hate thinking about what-if’s, so if I want to do something I’d do it immediately OR plan about how to do it. I mostly do the latter BUT when my impulsiveness gets the best of me, I end up not planning about anything and just do things more rashly than what is intended. Like Myra said, I can be scary when I’m really, REALLY bored because that’s when I start thinking of crazy things to do – crazy things that I actually do end up doing without thinking straight. I’ve done a lot of stupid, fun, unbelievably me and just plain crazy things because of that impulsiveness.

You won’t be able to believe all the crazy things I’ve done simply because I decided I want to do it – regardless of the consequences.

I’ve managed to:

  • confess to a few crushes how much I liked them, asked a guy out on a “date” (a Prom date, to be specific – IT WAS MY FIRST PROM and the first time I asked a guy out!),

  • semi-courted a guy,
  • auditioned for a crazy role in a play,
  • joined a beauty contest simply for the fun of it,
Would you believe that was actually ME?!?
  • auditioned for a TV show
  • Traveled to another island on a whim (I only decided for less than thirty minutes to go to a three-hour trip)
  • Booked tickets to fly to another country for five days
  • Quit law school to get a Master’s degree

and so much more!

Sometimes, I regret my impulsiveness. The results could be quite embarrassing and I’d often reprimand myself for acting so rashly. I’d be like “I can’t believe I’ve gotten myself into this kind of ‘mess'”.

Most of the time, after doing something stupid out of impulse, I’d be screaming inside, saying:

But then again, I wouldn’t have so much fun. I wouldn’t learn as much if I stayed too close to my comfort zone. After all, there is nothing sadder than an unexciting life.

So for all those glitches and embarrassing WTF moments – THANK GOD! They made my life less boring and managed to make it memorable, not just for me, but for my friends as well. At least, I’m a few steps closer to ensuring that everyone I’ll meet will remember me – now wouldn’t that be great?!? Besides, we all need to laugh at ourselves every now and then. 😀


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