Remember the time when you said I shouldn’t get a boyfriend yet, because you should be the only man in my life?

I laughed it off as a juvenile attempt to reject any untoward advances you feared my peers would act on.

I brushed it aside as a joke – your humorous way of saying I’m still too young to explore the idea of romantic relationships because I’m too naive and too young for that.

I shrugged it off as another of your attempts to dissuade me from even entertaining thoughts of romantic affairs, because you don’t want me to break away from the reins of childhood.

I set it aside as another overprotective gesture by an overbearing parent over daddy’s little girl.

But the moment you said it, I lied for you. I said, “yes, of course, I wouldn’t want any of that. I’ll always be your little girl. I’ll always have you, and you’ll be the only man I need in my life (other than my brother”.

I lied to appease you. I lied to make you feel better. And I lied because I wanted to escape the awkwardness of the ‘relationship lecture’.

Now, that I think about it, it was a selfish act dedicated to satisfying my own interests and not really be because I wanted to appease you.