If I could

I have a story,

but I couldn’t write it.

My words would only fail me.

“This is the story…”,

My lines would always start,

but an end, oh well, there can’t seem to be.

I want to make my own story

full of magic, wonder and love

of tales of friendship and values,

morals, failures, stories from God above

I want to tell a story

endowed with suspense, mysteries and hate.

Of a man plagued by questions of death.

Of a girl who can’t leave her fate.

I want to make these stories

and send them so far along.

I want to touch more people

to see through their hearts

and find which emotions do belong.

I want to hear the world shout.

I want to hear the world cry.

I want to see each emotion

– fill it up and answer why

“Why does the heart falter?

Why does it bleed?”

But deep inside all I really want

is to share my stories

and wonder,

just wonder

whether with these stories

someone would bother to read..


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