Ramblings of an insomniac

6:50 AM

What a wonderfully fine day. People in their school and office uniforms busily walking along Mendiola, each of them getting their healthy dose of vitamin E; cars busily going through early morning traffic; the smell of whole-roasted coffee and the after-smell of newly eaten pandesal – indeed, it’s a very fine morning.

I rarely experience mornings like this. In fact, I hardly ever.

Being the night owl that I am, the usual “morning” would be waking up to the heat of the afternoon sun and eating a full brunch at 2PM. I hardly ever get to wake up or sleep early that it’s turned into a habit.

This day, however, is different. Let me start with the intro I planned for this article…


I’ve always wanted to start with ‘Last night, I had a dream…’. Finally, that opportunity has come…


That dramatic dream intro will have to work for a future post – but definitely not for this one! Why? Because I never dreamt of anything last night. In fact, I never slept at all. The Sheree typing this post now is just a hollow shell – deprived of sleep & utterly senseless.

My soul is currently floating away to some dreamland while my body is stuck between consciousness and unconsciousness – a weird form of real-life limbo.

And all because of my black hole of a stomach and my rebellious phone.

You see, my normal sleeping time usually starts at 2am to 12Pm (sometimes 1pm). Sometimes, when I feel overactive, I get to sleep at 5 to 6 am, then make the most of my sleeping the whole day. I hardly sleep for less than 10 hours, so you could hardly call me unhealthy. As I said, late sleeping has become a habit and my body has gotten used to it.

What my body fails to get used to, though, is missing a meal. My stomach would go crazy if I fail to eat regularly with my usual diet of 1 rice, 2 meals, & 1 snack for at least 5x a day. I’ve never had bouts of extreme stomach rebellion due to food deprivation, so I was utterly bewildered that after a few snacks and a full dinner, my stomach cried out in hunger in the middle of my trying to sleep.

Worst, I was craving for a full meal at 2 AM!

You have no idea how difficult of an ordeal it was for me. McDonald’s – the nearest fastfood chain – hardly ever sold full meals during that hour AND my stomach was demanding for a 2-piece chicken meal with rice and fries! Can you imagine? I can’t even bring myself to leave the dorm because our poor old guard looked so tired. I didn’t wanna wake her up just so I could eat. Most of all, I can hardly move because of the pain.

So, I just sat in my room, pretending to ignore my stomach’s cries for food. My body has started to demand more from me simply because I was so tolerable to its demands – tolerable to its selfish gluttony. Guess it forgot the definition of a normal full meal because it demanded another full meal just 4 hours after we ate dinner. *sigh! Gosh, I need to control my intake from now on. Blame it on the over-tolerated metabolism.

So, while I was pretending I didn’t hear any of my stomach’s selfish cries for unnecessary food, I tried a lot of distractions (except studying – STUDYING IS NEVER AN OPTION). Among which was listening to decent music on my phone.

Crappy bloody hell. *insert overly offensive cuss word/s here

It blinked twice and shut down abnormally. I would have forgiven it – if I didn’t have phone lock turned on and my f****** keypad wouldn’t let me type a single letter decently. Naturally, I can’t fully access my phone. When I finally did – the menu tabs went crazy and I can’t open any application. Talk about a shitty phone. *exasperated sigh

So, there. Despite decent attempts to sleep properly, my body simply didn’t allow it. And I got stuck at looking at the ceiling for I don’t know how long.

By 5 AM, I finally thought, “Crap! I’ve waited long enough. If eating is the only way I could sleep, then I’ll f****** eat.”

And, here I am. Eating the heaviest breakfast meal McDonald’s could serve: a hashbrown, omelette, rice, coffee and some meat. It hardly constitutes breakfast, so I had to order again.

Darn! If this rant couldn’t get any worst – some idiot tried to flirt with me while I was eating. He was all lame asking for my number and where I was studying, stuff like that.

Seriously! You do not mess with me when I’m hungry. Nothing pisses me off than a lame excuse to flirt.

If I wasn’t so hungry, I wouldn’t even be wearing shorts outside the dormitory at this time of day.

Well, I guess Mr. A**h*** learned his lesson. I doubt he’ll be flirting with pissed-off, hungry girls in the wee hours of the morning, anymore.


Sorry if this post doesn’t make any sense. Sorry if it’s full of unnecessary rants. I just got so pissed after being unable to sleep. LOL! Hope no one reads this at this time of day.


2 thoughts on “Ramblings of an insomniac

  1. You have no idea how many times I’ve woken up at 5 in the morning going, “I’m hungry…” Then getting up and eating some food then going straight back to sleep. Its sortof ridiculous.

    1. By gosh! Finally, I found someone who understands! *virtual hug!
      It IS really annoying how our stomachs could complain in the most unexpected moments! It’s a good thing you could easily have access to food. Groceries don’t work for me – I end up finishing them off in less than 24 hours (sometimes 12!). ^_^
      And, yeah, 6 in the morning is too early for the day to hear lame pick-up lines from self-centered losers. LOL!

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