Thoughts on “Like the Flowing River”

Be like the flowing river,

Silent in the Night.

Be not afraid of the dark.

If there are stars in the sky, reflect them back.

If there are clouds in the sky,

Remember, clouds, like river, are water,

So, gladly reflect them too,

In your own tranquil depths.

–           Manuel Banderia

It was only in late in college when I stumbled upon the works of Paulo Coelho. I was browsing through some books, when I saw some of his works displayed. I leafed through some pages of his book, Brida, and knew that I had to buy it before I could scan to the last page. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough money to buy the book. It was a good thing my friend lent me a copy for 3 days so I was able to bask in all its literary glory.

I was right. The book was a beautiful masterpiece. And it paved the way for my reading more books from the Brazilian author. His works are wonderfully insightful. His was among those books that you have to stop and pause every now and then to reflect, and then you continue reading because you know you could never put it down. The blend of mysticism, Christianity and philosophy in most of his works makes it even more enticing to the hungry psyche.

My favourite among his books, however, does not involve magic or any form of mystic. It’s simply a compilation of the author’s insights and reflections on day-to-day encounters. And that’s what makes this book, “Like the Flowing River”, more beautiful. People could relate to it. It is written as if the author is directly talking to you, storytelling about lessons he, and what other people, have learned in life. The short stories and quotes are wonderful foods for thought that you won’t mind rereading and rereading.

It’s been a year since that epic first read of a Paulo Coelho book – and here I am, rereading my favorite book again. 😀


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