A dedication to the people who deserve the love

THIS IS THE ACKNOWLEDGMENT I WROTE IN OUR THESIS. I JUST THOUGHT THAT EVERYONE INVOLVED SHOULD HAVE A CHANCE TO READ IT (kasi hindi naman kailangang magka hard-bound copy talaga kayo ng thesis para malamang nagpapasalamat ako. XD )


A friend once told me that the Acknowledgement is, and should always be, the last among all the pages to be written in the thesis – primarily, because it captures the heart and painstaking effort a student has to go through to pass the requirement. It has always meant as a signboard that says, “At last! I am finally done, and I couldn’t thank (insert names here) more!”

Since then, I have made it a point to read each and every acknowledgement written by each thesis I could manage to get my hands on. To me, the sincerest Thank You’s by these former students makes them all the more real to me, and I can’t help but hold a tear each time I read one simply because I could relate to them.

Now, finally, it is my turn to write my own. At last, I have finally made it to the “signboard” – the conclusion of all our efforts. Finally, I could now take the chance to thank EVERYONE who has helped me make it through.

*Warning: Prepare, dahil medyo mahaba ang acknowledgment na ‘to!

First of all, I would like to thank the Precious Hearts Romances’ Stallion SeriesThat series is the main reason why this study came to be and the reason why I got hooked to reading Tagalog romance novels. Yes, I am now a very proud Tagalog romance novel reader. O, ayan, all-out na aminan na ‘to ha. Hindi na ako in-denial! They are indeed not just novels – they are the Tagalog romance novels that deserve to be read and appreciated. We should all disregard the stigma associated to reading novels like that (e.g. assuming that such books are for the uneducated members of society or assuming that such books mostly have lewd content) because that does not apply to all. TRN are part of Filipino literature and – just like loving indie films – it is not wrong to appreciate such a medium. Most of all, they’re Filipino.

To my high school best friends: Mark Ray Espinoza and Emille Cher Legaspi – thank you for being there for me. You guys are the best friends I could ever have. Thank you for all the kalog moments, the artistic inspiration, the support and for always being there for me. Most of all, thank you so much for growing with me – you’ve given me the best memories I could have of high school life. Even if we haven’t seen each other as often as we did when we got into college, I will forever treasure those wonderful moments with you.

Chinky, Mark and Me = BFF ❤

To the unnamed alumni who inspired me with the graduation speech he posted online – indeed, having red marks on the TOR does not make a student less intelligent or valuable. Thank you for reminding students that life doesn’t end in college. Whoever you may be, your speech has inspired me a lot. Thank you so much.

To the best dorm, Hall1, thank you for nurturing me for three years and for giving me the chance to meet all the wonderful people I could proudly call “my friends” now.  Thanks for the memories.

To G.H., for taking me in on my last year here in UPV – Maraming salamat at nagkamali kayong tanggapin ang isang loka-lokang dormer na tulad ko(hehe). Maraming salamat din at pinayagan nyo kaming mag-trabaho sa aming thesis kahit medyo naging maingay kami. The same goes to my beloved roommates (Ivy, Am-am and Chaput) na nakakatyaga sa nocturnal episodes ko. Thank you so much! XD

To Tita Melds ng Meldens – Thank you for allowing us to make your “refreshment store” our unofficial tambayan. Mami-miss namin ang hawol-hawol, karaoke at ang “unlimited” iced tea! 

To the University – Sa iyo nagsimula ang lahat, at sa iyo magpapatuloy ang inspirasyon at lakas. Thank you for nurturing me. I will forever treasure all that I have learned (bitter or sweet) as a UPV student. Oble, maghintay ka lang at makakapagpa-picture ka na rin sa akin ng solo (sa wakas) –makuha ko lang muna yung diploma ko at makakapagpa-autograph ka rin (feeler)!

To the CMS Pioneers, this is it, guys! You really are the best batchmates, ever. We have grown together, and now we’re finally here. Indeed, from the tears to the parties, nothing beats being a CMS. Thank you for making my stay here in UPV more enjoyable.

To my first org, Kakâ, I will miss the powerdressing and the wonderful experiences. Sana maulit muli ang ating nakaraanpati ah, na-miss ko lang ang powerdressing. LOL!

To the CMS 125 peeps – MyraCandyErlynWilaBaw-Baw, and Gen(our best talent) –Tayo pa rin yung nagsimula ng lahat (Char!). Thank you for the bonding moments and for everything we’ve shared. Mas Masaya talaga ang productions kapag kasama ko kayoMaraming salamat sa lahat!

To my UPV Indie Org Family, I wish that we could grow together more, but, alas, we have to leave before the fruits become ripe. To the younglings, never forget to fall in love with film over and over again. The fruits of labor will always be the sweetest.

To the HumDiv Faculty, our moments together were only brief but you have already taught us a lot. I am proud and happy to be under your guidance. Thank you so much for continuing to support and inspire us.

To Doc Zoi – You made me stronger by breaking my heart (chos!). Thank you for teaching us in a different perspective. With you, I learned to appreciate tough love. Sometimes, we do have to be stronger the hard way and I am glad you challenged us to become better than what we already are. Thank you for the challenges and for helping me grow as a student and as a person.

To Prof. Amy Tanoy, I am honored to be among the privileged students to be graced by your presence. You are indeed an amazing professor and I am glad to be among those who have been under guidance.

To our dear thesis adviser, Prof. Emmeline Cabalum, thank you so much for guiding us in our thesis. You have helped us a lot and we are proud to be among the students to have been under your guidance. Thank you so much for supporting us.

My rough drawing of Prof Cabalum. 🙂

To Prof. May Belle Guillergan, who first inspired me in the field of film and TV Production. You were one of the reasons why I am more than in love with film now and also one of the reasons why I will forever be proud of the being a CMS graduate. We hope to make you proud of us in the future. You were indeed one of the best teachers we have ever had.

To Manong Ruperto Quitagakala mo kinalimutan kita ‘no? Thank you so much for everything – from the CMS productions that we stressed over to the productions of UPV Indie Org, salamat sa walang kupas na suporta mo sa amin. I hope you won’t forget us as much as I’m sure we won’t forget you.

Hindi nga matatawag na CMS ang isang estudyante kung hindi dumaan sa inyoMaraming salamat sa lahat.

To our talents – BrennanShingEuniceLeonilo, and Leonard – Thank you for giving us more reasons to be kiligHanep ang love teams nyo! Thank you so much for being professional and for sharing your wonderful talents with us. Sige, hanggang dito nalang ang sa inyo at baka mas lalo akong kiligin!

Leonard as “Richard”
Brennan as “Trigger”
Leonilo and Eunice as “Nick and Tip”
Shing as “Reese”

To MYRA ESCORO and CANDY FLOR TALIDANO, thank you so much for being the corniest, cheesiest, and funniest thesis partners ever. We have so many interests in common that it sometimes scares me – food, indie films, food, romance novels, and food! But, still, you guys are the best. Thank you for all the good times we shared and for the memories. Hindi lang tayo thesis partners, isa tayong masayang barkada na sama-samang nag-iinuman (ng iced tea) at nagkakaraoke habang nagpaparamihan ng nakain! Tatlo lang tayo pero parang isang barangay kung kumain! Thank you for being loka-loka, corny and for simply being you. You guys are the best B.I.’s ever (sala nyo gd ngaa gabasa na man ko sg TRN!).  Thank you for giving me more reasons to be kilig – all the time. We have indeed grown in the three years of working together. I love you guys so much!


To Mama and Daddy – thank you so much for the love and support (both financially and emotionally). I don’t know how I would be able to survive college without your constant encouragement.

To Papa, I miss you so much. I hope you will always remember that you are loved. Remember that RenCheDong will always be there for you.

To my three parents – I am another step closer to reaching our dreams and I hope to make you proud someday. I hope you will continue to support me as you always do. I love the three of you so much.

To my “beloved”siblings – Che-che and Dong-Dong (O, diba napaka-easy to remember?) – thank you so much for being annoyingly lovable and supportive. I know that as annoying as you are, you will always be the best brother and sister tag-team I could ever wrestle with. Thank you so much for loving me in your own quirky ways. And, of course, to Ron-ron, for being the cutest baby brother ever.

And, before I forget, I would like to thank the men who have inspired me for the duration of this thesis: the PHR Men (Stallion and SCU series) and my hot Japanese & Korean crushes (e.g. KAT-TUN, Jun Matsumoto,MBLAQRyan HigaG-DragonHiro MizushimaIkuta TomaTaemin,Yamapi, etc) who continue to make me believe love could still exist. Thank you very much.

Most of all, I’d like to thank my imaginary boyfriend for being so ideal that I wish you were real. You inspire me whenever I need the sanity to continue writing a thesis about romance.

You hot dudes helped me get through the thesis by not making me feel so single. You will always be my dream boyfriends and that’s the next best thing to actually having one. J

Finally, and most importantly, to the Almighty God for being such a great Father to me. Thank You for the blessings, the guidance, the chances, and the little miracles. Most of all, thank you for giving me the chance to meet the wonderful people I thank in this acknowledgment. Without them and Your guidance, I would be nothing, and I could not thank You more for all that You have done for me. Thank You so much!




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