First Post

The world of blogging and social media

Hi! This is my first wordpress account.

To be honest, I have absolutely no idea what topics I should be writing about here. Should it be about my daily life? My interests? or just another photo website. I mean, I already have my own DA (which practically serves as my avenue for my art attacks), and I already have a blogspot account (which, although currently outdated, still serves its purpose as a blog). Then I figured, maybe my blogs or websites should have a “specialization” just like what other blogs do. I can’t always talk about my feelings in both blogs. If I did, then I should have just stuck to one blog account. But, look, I still made a new one. So, I guess, I shouldn’t limit myself to believing blogs are just for talking about your feelings. I’ve read an interesting blog before about documenting each and every day of her life in her blog so she’d have something fun to read every now and then. Plus, she discovered that she has grown quite a lot on each day, and that each day is a mystery and surprise of its own. So, I thought, why don’t I do that?

But obviously, I wasn’t successful. For one, I could hardly have time for surfing the net. I’m not as lucky as other teens my age who conveniently have full access to wifi or internet plug-ins. I’m one of the 70% of Filipinas who aren’t so rich or as free to surf the net. Other than the lack of funds, I also have a life. That means, I also have to study AND to work. So, yes, even if I want to surf the net often, I don’t have much time and resources.

So, I initially concentrated on working on my first blog in blogspot. But, if you’ve really breezed through what I’ve actually written there, they are mostly ideas of how or what the world is in my eyes. Most of the posts were actually articles I have already submitted in class and have worked on for the past few years. In fact, I’m thinking of turning that blog into my “idea blog” where I could express my ideas (isn’t it redundant?) and some theories I have learned and formulated on my own for the past few years of my existence. And, yes, I intend to turn that blog into a girly academic “book” where all the good articles I’ve made in high school until college will be posted so I could keep track of what went on in my head when I was younger, and hopefully add more “ideas” that go through in my head as I grow older. To be honest, I think it would be more like a notepad of all my good articles before I throw the actual papers out. Papers are so heavy and annoying to organize and carry. They should just as well be posted online to save space – although I’m not so sure how I could protect my works from plagiarizers. Until then, I should just refrain from posting my REALLY good works. We can never can tell.

Blogging is simply being on stage: Just perform well, and youd get an encore

So, now, I’m stuck with “what should I do with this blog in wordpress?” I don’t have an answer to that yet. But we will see. I’ll just visit the three sites as much as I can, and maybe my crazy brain can figure out how to organize things here and there. This might become an extension of my deviantart “artistry” or this might become my online diary. This might even become a blog dedicated to an advocacy I am yet to discover or might be another blog of ideas (a different genre) from the ideas posted in my other blog. I don’t know. But until then, I’ll just welcome you to my new blog. 🙂

I hope to see my growth in this blog and the other sites I manage, and I hope you guys will witness that growth too. If not, well, that’s cool. I’ll still grow with or without your reading the blogs. But, I would really appreciate it if you do. As a fellow blogger, I guess you understand what it means and how it feels to have someone read your own thoughts.

So, anyway, thank you for passing by my blog and have a great day. ^_^


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