En Secreto

What happens when you and your girl friends are bored during summer vacation – waiting for your graduation requirements?

A photoshoot!!!!


Captured and Edited by JACabral

This was taken by my friends JACabral and MyraE for a vintage photoshoot called “En Secreto”. Of course, since the pictures aren’t exclusively mine (I am just one of the models), I’ll just link you guys to her album on facebook: [link]

The concept is getting lost and rediscovering the world around you, either from trying to escape from something to getting caught up in that new world. The shots are beautifully edited by JACabral. The makeup was done by the amazing C.Laput. And, of course, the models are the 6 of us: Me, Myra, Janielle, Bea, Charity, and Candy.

If you guys can’t access her facebook album, then I guess you should try adding her up first. The album IS her work after all. I can only post pictures that have me as a subject (or background). LOL!

This is what happens when girls like us have too much free time in our hands. *wink!

Oh, and did I tell you we ate 2 pizzas and a heavy dinner right after the shoot? LOL!


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